Protecting and sustaining meaningful
child-parent relationships


Laurel Ferris, MA and Sara Erickson-Nelson, JD, MA
ADR Rule 144 Qualified Neutrals working together to help you and your children to a healthy new normal.


How We Are Different

We work as a team on custody evaluations: two-for-the-price-of-one. Our approach is honest, open, and transparent. We aim for clear expectations and early resolutions.

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Custody Evaluations & More

We perform custody evaluations for a flat fee. Half of this fee is refundable if you settle without further litigation. It’s all part of our commitment to helping you reach a fair and timely outcome.

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What to Expect

Expertise. Professionalism. Experience.

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We focus on your child and can help you to do the same

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Getting What You Want

How you and your ex-partner co-parent will have an enormous impact on your child. Resolving your conflicts is key to your child's happiness and success.