Happy Families

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finding that connection. . .

Litigation isn't usually what a parent wants for his or her child's future. And when it comes down to it, it’s not money or achievement or success. What do parents really want?

Deep down, more than anything else, we want our children to grow up to be happy.

And we want to do everything we can to create that happiness for our children. But the ticket to happiness won't be secured with the right judge or attorney, any more than the right school or sport will guarantee it.

The magic is found in the connection between parent and child, not in court.

The best way to protect and sustain a meaningful parent-child relationship is to avoid further conflict. Alternative dispute resolution can help you decide those contentious issues far better than litigation.

In a twinkle of an eye they’ll be grown. You’ll be sitting in a pew or an auditorium watching your beloved boy or girl walk down the aisle into adulthood. Plan ahead so your child can celebrate that special day knowing both parents are smiling.