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ADR Rule 114 services starting at $195/hour

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custody evaluation

Sara Erickson-Nelson, JD, MA and Laurel Ferris, MA, jointly conduct the evaluation in three phases, the last two of which are optional. A total of $8,400 is due prior to the start of services, half of which will be held as a refundable retainer for Phase II. If a full custody settlement is achieved within 14 days of the feedback session, the Parties will receive a $4,200 refund.

phase I

Flat Fee: $4,200 — Investigation and Feedback. This non-refundable flat fee covers time spent interviewing, observing, reviewing documents and clerical work culminating in a feedback conference with the parties and their counsel.

Phase II

Flat Fee: $4,200 — Report Writing. If the parties do not reach a custody settlement after Phase I, a full written report of the investigation and recommendations will be issued for a flat fee. 

phase iii

Flat Fee: $2,500 — Court Testimony or Deposition. This fee includes preparation time, travel time, and up to one full day of testimony from one or both Evaluators.

Additional: $390/hour — Any time in excess of one full day of testimony will be billed hourly. 

Interim parenting consultant

Retainer: $3,900 — sliding scale offered

PC: $195/hour — a limited scope appointment on an interim basis during the intervening period prior to the final Judgment and Decree assisting in issues involving access schedules, parenting style, discipline, extra curricular activities, schooling until the filing of the final court order.

PTE: $195/hour — resolving parenting time disputes within the context and confines of existing court orders.

Guardian ad litem

Retainer: $3,900

$195/hour — written recommendations to the Court about the best interests of the child based on an independent investigation into the facts. 

Testimony: $195/hour 


$390/hour, 2 hour minimum — team-facilitated mediation with Sara Erickson-Nelson, JD, MA and Laurel Ferris, MA.

parenting time supervision

$97.50/hour, 2 hour minimum —supportive parenting time supervision in the community; by attorney referral only.