Our Approach

helping you and your children to a new normal



Our goal is to help divided families achieve happy, healthy home lives. This means we practice the opposite of ‘scorched earth litigation.’ We work in partnership with our families. We take care to preserve mutual trust and build on areas of parental agreement. We model courtesy and respect. We bring compassion and kindness.



Adults have all the time in the world to fight adult battles. But childhood carries an urgency that can’t wait on judges and lawyers and extended litigation. By engaging in an alternative dispute resolution process rather than returning to court, you’ll receive more rapid results, maintain greater control of the outcome, and lower your costs.



Bringing up children in separate households is difficult. Serious disagreements can arise. We are here to guide you through these conflicts and help you constructively address the parenting decisions that need to be made. We draw on our backgrounds in child advocacy to help parents disengage from the fight and refocus on the child.